Top 3 Karasuno High’s Official Match In Haikyuu

The Karasuno vs. Nekoma match is expected to be animated in season 5 of the anime. The characters were seen gearing up for at the end of season 4.

This match has been eagerly anticipated since the previous season and is finally coming true, much to the joy of both anime fans and manga enthusiasts. So, while waiting for season 5 to continue, let’s look back on Karasuno High’s most intense official matches animated until now.

1. Karasuno vs. Date Tech (Interhigh-Preliminaries, 2012)

Karasuno’s match victory over Date Tech was the Haikyuu!! volleyball team’s first major win and breakthrough past a strong opponent. The Date Tech team is known in the series as “The Iron Wall of Date Tech,” with their impenetrable defence.

The match also served as a turning point for the ace of Karasuno, Azumane Asahi. Date Tech was the first match in Haikyuu!! that highlighted the chemistry between the various team members.

It also showed a surprisingly respectful and frankly endearing friendship between the stoic Aone Takano and protagonist Hinata Shoyo.

2. Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai (Spring High-Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs, 2012)

Every match in Haikyuu! highlights the specific struggles of one or more players, either of the Karasuno or of the opposing team. While Aoba Johsai had a rocky history with Kageyama.

Most of the friends from his middle school whom he had turned his back on, who had been unable to keep up with his skills, became members of the Aoba Johsai team. The team’s captain, Oikawa Tooru, had a complicated relationship with Kageyama as well.

Karasuno is playing its second match of the Nationals as a representative team for Miyagi prefecture. It has previously received a crushing defeat by the same team, and this match was redemption for both Karasuno and Kageyama.

In an epic comeback, Aoba Johsai finally turned the tables and defeated Oikawa. The match ended with Kageyama looking down at is gigantic rival in a pose strikingly similar to the way Aoba Johsai’s captain had previously looked down on him during their defeat from Haikyuu!! season 2.

3. Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai (Interhigh-Preliminaries, 2012)

The first time Karasuno played against Aoba Johsai, they were quickly defeated. Coach Oikawa’s experience and his ability to work seamlessly with his teammates paid dividends. The title of the episode was also aptly named “Conductor.”

Karasuno ended their match as a loss, at first impacting the boys in a difficult way. However, it soon became a poignant lesson for them and gave them the motivation to begin moving forward and win once again. Soon after the match, their coach Ukai tells the boys that they need to eat by reflecting on the bittersweet taste of defeat. The team cries tears of gratitude and joy as their appetite returns this time coming out victorious.

The creator of Haikyuu! Haruichi Furudate is a master at using metaphors to explore themes in the series. Hunger for food has, more than once, been used to depict the Karasuno team’s hunger for victory. The crow as their mascot has become something of a descriptor for them and other teams have even described them as scavengers, scrounging any skill as an edge against their opponents.

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