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Top 3 Karasuno High’s Official Match In Haikyuu

The Karasuno vs. Nekoma match is expected to be animated in season 5 of the anime. The characters were seen gearing up for at the end of season 4. This match has been eagerly anticipated since the previous season and is finally coming true, much to the joy of both anime fans and manga enthusiasts. […]

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Top 5 Best Teammates In Haikyuu!!

In volleyball, communication is key to success. The players in Haikyuu need to coordinate their movements and communicate well in order to win games. In many sports, star athletes may be able to take over a game and turn the tide on their own. However, nothing in volleyball happens without everyone doing their part. The […]

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Is Haikyuu The Best Sports Anime?

  Haikyuu!! is an anime focused on the sport of volleyball with four seasons in which none of the characters are developed. The plot focuses on competitive tournaments, which often do not allow plot development. Characters follow the athletically gifted but short Hinata Shoyo and his partner Kageyama Tobio, making them unoriginal. Shoyo forms Karasuno […]

Top 5 Best-Selling Anime Hoodies For This Winter

Top 5 Best-Selling Anime Hoodies For This Winter

December is usually the time of year when people actively find new hobbies to try out and enjoy. This happens to be the perfect time for any anime fan to find some warm and unique hoodies, which are great for any cosplay or just a casual day with friends! Here are 5 unique, stylish, and […]

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What Haikyuu Taught Us About Sports And Life

The messages and themes of the recently concluded Shonen Jump manga Haikyuu!! went above and beyond the volleyball court. At first look, Haikyuu!! appears to be a typical sports shonen manga, with a bunch of adolescent lads pursuing their dreams and a protagonist accomplishing the impossible through collaboration and perseverance. While it is about sports, […]

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Hinata’s Evolution From Aspiring Little Giant to Greatest Decoy

Haikyuu!!’s Hinata’s dream changed over the course of the series, leading him to become the best in a completely unexpected role. From watching the Little Giant play in Nationals on TV to playing on a national stage, Haikyuu!!‘s Hinata has grown tremendously since he was in middle school. It’s hard to imagine that this is the same boy who once took […]

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What Makes Haikyuu So Compelling – Even to Non-Sports Anime Fans?

Haikyu!! is an ever-popular sports anime that even entices fans who don’t normally love the genre. Here’s how it manages to achieve this. Easily one of the most popular sports anime of all time, Haikyuu!! only seems to increase in popularity by the day. Even for anime watchers that don’t particularly like the sports genre, Haikyuu!! somehow wins […]

Berserk: The 5 Golden Age Scenes That Defined Guts & Griffith’s Relationship

The connection between Guts and Griffith is confounded, convincing, and fundamental to the story of Berserk. Here are their greatest advancements of all. The Berserk anime/manga series is generally prestigious for some reason. While the late Kentaro Miura realized how to draw invigorating and fierce activity scenes, the core of Berserk is the passionate and […]

Dragon Ball: 10 Biggest Mistakes Goku Ever Made (That We Can Learn From)

Goku’s excursion all through Dragon Ball stories has not been a simple one, and he has committed a lot of errors en route that we would all be able to gain from. Child Goku is the hero of the Dragonball adventure. On account of the prevalence of the establishment, Goku has arisen as the most […]

Top 5 facts about Rintaro Suna that you can ignore.

Top 5 facts about Rintaro Suna that you can ignore. Haikyu is an anime about volleyball with a storyline revolving around the Karasuno High School volleyball team with the protagonist Hinata Shouyou also with his talented teammates. However, besides them, you will probably ignore many other talents such as Rintaro Suna – Middle blocker of […]

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