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Top 5 Best Teammates In Haikyuu!!

In volleyball, communication is key to success. The players in Haikyuu need to coordinate their movements and communicate well in order to win games. In many sports, star athletes may be able to take over a game and turn the tide on their own. However, nothing in volleyball happens without everyone doing their part.

The article will rank the Haikyuu!! players based on their personalities, behaviors and skills. Those factors will be used to determine the impact they have on their teams.

5. Tobio Kageyama

Top 5 Best Teammates In Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!! fans met Kageyama as a selfish powerhouse. His team at school wasn’t pleased with the nickname “King of the Court” because of how backhanded it was. Kageyama was known for being an oppressive tyrant during his middle school days. His immense talent wasn’t enough to excuse his short fuse.

After joining the Karasuno volleyball team, Kageyama had to learn how to control his temper. He can set the ball with pinpoint accuracy from anywhere on the court. Additionally, Kageyama understands volleyball as well as anyone else. His strategic analysis was key for many matches he played in during his time with Karasuno.

Even without the ball, Tobio made a difference by slowing down the pace of his offenses and maintaining pressure on his defense. It is no wonder that Tobio was such a key player in Karasuno’s rise to being one of Japan’s best high school volleyball teams.

4. Keiji Akaashi

Top 5 Best Teammates In Haikyuu!!

In addition to being the setter for Fukurōdani Academy, Keiji Aakaashi takes it upon himself to manage Fukurōdani’s ace Bukoto. In Haaikyuu!!, one of the best spikers in Japan is Fukurōdani Academy’s ace Bukoto.

In addition to being the setter for Fukurōdani Academy, Keiji Aakaashi takes it upon himself to manage Fukurōdani’s ace Bukoto. In Haaikyuu!!, one of the best spikers in Japan is Fukurōdani Academy’s ace Bukoto.

3. Daichi Sawamura

Top 5 Best Teammates In Haikyuu!!

Captain Daichi is the leader of Karsuno and he’s also a skilled Haikyuu!! player. He’s known for his attitude as much as he is for strategy and maturity. He can be very calm but if needed he will raise his voice to set things straight.

As previously stated, volleyball is a team sport. One way for teammates to communicate effectively is through communication to avoid losing a team’s chance at success over bad feelings between teammates. Such as with Karasuno since they’re barebonesed in their rookie contingent, Daichi ‘s maturity played a key role in developing camradere and ultimately helped lead the team to victory.

Daichi is the ace for Asahi, leading his team to victory as a result of his skills. He performs well defensively in every game, keeping Karasuno afloat in volleys with his saves. Daichi is worlds better than average on close encounters on the court, and he’s one of the best players in “Haikyuu!!”

2. Kenma Kozume

Top 5 Best Teammates In Haikyuu!!

Kenma is credited by his teammates as being the “mind” and “heart” of Nekoma High School’s Volleyball team. His quiet personality reflects an emotional and determined player. He has a natural ability to think on the fly and thinks quickly during matches.

He is the setter that Haikyuu need, as his analytical mind makes him unpredictable. He is always thinking about the next attack, so his opponent will never know what to expect, and he can adapt without fail to whatever defenses they throw against him whether it be a dump or a change in set.

His shyness makes it hard for him to talk, so Kenma often listens instead. That’s why he knows his teammates better than anyone else in Haikyuu!!

1. Yū Nishinoya

Top 5 Best Teammates In Haikyuu!!

Yū Nishinoya is the best Haikyuu!! junior teammate. The fiery little libero, nicknamed “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity” is a clutch defensive anchor. His exceptional court awareness lets Nishinoya get to the right place at the right time consistently.

He is a selfless athlete in everything that he does. He is constantly putting his body on the line to keep the game alive. His reaction speed and physical dexterity make him one of the top players like no other. And as an entire, he utilizes his skills and talents to bring forth what lets him flourish: Rolling Thunder.

Karasuno is a valuable member of the team. Concentrating his efforts on defense he has very offensive skill sets as well. He practiced offense to make sure his skills could be brought out when needed or to use Kageyama as a surprise scorer.

Nishinoya is consistently the most energized member of Karasuno’s team. He eagerly shares his enthusiasm and welcomes any kind of challenge or competition with him. Knowing that Nishinoya is protecting their back row gives the Karasuno members peace of mind, making them able to focus on playing without worry.

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