[Haikyuu] Hinata Shoyo – Top Best Strengths ang Weakness

Hinata Shoyo is known to be the main character of the popular sports anime series Haikyuu. Through many manga volumes and 4 anime seasons, Hinata has become an indispensable core character of the series. He is also known to be one of Haikyuu’s best volleyball players. Let’s re-list the strengths and weaknesses of Hinata’s gameplay.


Hinata’s Incredible Fitness

An indispensable condition for such sports is the need for good fitness. Hinata, our protagonist, not only has stamina above the minimum level of a sportsman, he is arguably the best fit on the volleyball team at Karasuno High School.

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Part of the reason is that his natural ability has helped him get physically stronger than ordinary people. Hinata is also trained to improve his fitness by cycling every day to school and strength training exercises in his basketball team.

Ability to Jump

Jumping is a must-have skill for volleyball players, especially if they’re on the attacking side. Even though Hinata has a small stature, his jumping power is terrible. With the advantage of being small so the pressure on her feet is much less, Hinata Shoyo easily performs her internal volleyball smashes.

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Exactly, this is one of his greatest assets to his volleyball game and arguably the biggest compensation for his short stature. Combined with great speed – stemming from his stamina to some degree – he can control how well he jumps with his pre-jump runs. Besides, thanks to his excellent mobility and body control, he can jump diagonally to escape the thieves.

Enduring Motivation And Spiritual Strength.

Not just every sport, for each field, every individual must have the drive, desire, passion, or any combination of those and more to be able to play and participate at the level. height. Especially for Hinata, the volleyball sport is seen as the driving force for his future, it includes both fondness and steadfastness.

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Volleyball was almost a joy for Hinata every time he woke up. He will definitely need to continue this if he wants to develop his identity as a professional player separate from Kageyama.

Shoyo And Kageyama’s “Quicks”

Throughout Haikyuu, you can’t help but mention the “Quick Attack” attacks that have become trademarks of both Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama. This offensive playstyle, and several variations that they both learn, are an important part of insulting Karasuno and of course, what makes both Kageyama and Shoyo shine on the team during the games. Hinata has excelled in fulfilling her role in this fascinating playstyle.

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Shortage experience

This is for sure for a novice volleyball player like Hinata who is one of the younger members of the Karasuno High School volleyball team meaning he has less experience than his seniors. , specifically third-year students Daichi, Sugawara, and Asahi.

Shoyo Hinata compilation Haikyuu!! S2 - YouTube

Shoyo doesn’t even have as much experience as her teammate Tobio Kageyama, who has been playing since elementary school. But, once again, while early exposure and experience like his peers will help his talent explode, this is something he can achieve over time. time, while also having to practice more.

Too Dependent on Kageyama to Shine

One of the biggest controversies of the Haikyuu series, when in battle Hinata’s quick or shining attacks are all supported by teammate Kageyama. Although volleyball is a pretty team sport, Hinata needs to get out of Kageyama even more to prove her strength.

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Each one is their own with their own skillset to bring to the team and therefore, Shoyo needs to be able to play at her level or closest with or without Kageyama there.

Technical Lack of Skills in Haikyuu

Also provided for inexperienced weaknesses, Hinata also had too little time and experience to formulate technical papers, and even that his potential functions began to show up when he plays with Kageyama.

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Even so, as Shoyo continues to practice, Shoyo certainly learns some more techniques and tricks to apply to her usual style of volleyball in real-world matches, which is still not as good as the people. Other players in Karasuno’s team (specifically the third year) and naturally across the province and Japan in general. However, like lack of experience, this can be resolved with more training time.

Hinata’s Small Stature

Viewers throughout Haikyuu or the various sports players noticed that Hinata had a small stature compared to the normal standard of a ballplayer.

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Shoyo is considerably lower than the average player on his team but worth not the lowest. Nishinoya is actually shorter than Shoyo, but thanks to his position, it doesn’t matter when he plays libero (a fully defensive position). Thankfully, other Shoyo’s documents were created, so this.

Each player has his own strengths, Hinata too, just that he has the qualities that suit his play style, and has a passion for a human ball that makes his weaknesses not valuable. Let’s follow Hinata’s every move on the way to conquer the ball.

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