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[Haikyuu] The Best Meaningful Messages Can Receive From Haikyuu

After finishing this journey, Haikyuu still leaves stories and meaningful messages in the readers’ hearts, going beyond badminton matches. If you don’t watch Haikyuu, it seems nothing special, as it is like many other sports shounen manga, about a group of teenagers pursuing dreams and passion, and with the main character surpassing over the impossible thanks to the effort and team spirit.

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Although Haikyuu !! there are those things, but it’s not just about volleyball. The manga also highlights many other human values, exceeding the value of a regular manga / anime series. Don’t let you guys wait any longer, here’s what Haikyuu !! taught us.


The first but perhaps the most important one shown throughout the Haikyuu plot !! There are no limits to the subconscious of the main characters. Team Karasuno was once compared to an unknown team before attending High School and National, no one believed that they could win against the reigning giants, so they still won. glorious.

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Everyone thought with Hinata’s limited height that he wouldn’t be able to score a goal, but then he showed them they were wrong. It is these things that make us confident that as long as you want, no limit can be overcome.


Volleyball is a difficult sport when players only have a few seconds to touch the ball. As soon as the ball touches the ground, the game is over. Your teammates must pay attention to their surroundings and concentrate on the game. Confidence in volleyball is also essential. As long as the ball has not hit the ground, the player can still hope and maintain morale, and that is a very important thing in a match.

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The connection here lies in the mutual trust between teammates, such as the liberos playing in a “life and death” defensive position also determined not to let the opponent score, or the way Hinata closed his eyes and closed his eyes. He jumps high, knowing for sure that he will receive the ball from Kageyama.

Throughout a player’s life, they have also forged many other relationships with the coaches, teachers, new friends or even opponents. They may be enemies outside, but in the same ball game they will be friends, teammates helping each other win.


In the third season of the anime, at the moment of the decisive goal between Karasuno and Shiratoriwaza, coach Ukai, said very well: “Volleyball is a sport where you always have to keep your chin up!” Literally, the players always have to be tall, watching the ball to be able to handle the kip situation. But in a figurative sense, Mr. Ukai was trying to tell his team that one goal cannot disturb the team’s morale.

When things look too bleak, the most important thing is to look ahead and get up from trouble. It’s a common life lesson but you can understand more deeply through Haikyuu. Failure is not a weakness, but an opportunity for the entire team to see their strengths. They will learn what from that defeat and how to become stronger from it.

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There will always be someone stronger than you. No team is unbeaten, only the teams that learn from defeats, like how Karasuno devised a new attack strategy, how Tsukishima improved his tackles or how Hinata and Kageyama improved. quick improvement in season 2. Although the Karasuno team lost in the national league, their path was not over there, but it ended with a question: “Today you lost, so Who will you be tomorrow? ”


Coach Ukai emphasized that humans are born without wings like birds, so we always look for other ways to fly high. Team Karasuno has always been seen as flying crows, with the nickname “fallen champion”, and surprisingly it was instead a compliment.

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The slogan “fly high” means that the Karasuno team has the freedom to search for thousands of ways to compete and crush the impossible. Volleyball is a sport with great emphasis on physical height. However, after watching the Little Giants play, you will realize that height is never really the factor that prevents you from playing.

It just means that you can always find other ways to keep playing, like how to use your energy and agility to run faster, jump higher, see what’s behind the tall wall. that. “Flying high” means reaching out to the impossible.


Of course, that is almost certainly the most obvious message Haikyuu anime / manga wants to convey. Even for the majority of Haikyuu !! Talking about football matches in tournaments, or Karasuno’s training and defeat, those things have never been the core theme of this manga and anime series. In

the final chapter of the manga, the author purposely did not reveal who won the Olympics match or the outcome of Hinata and Kageyama’s competition. Never had Haikyuu !! it’s about win or lose – it’s volleyball.

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For Hinata and Kageyama, being able to continue to play football was too much fun for them. Even at the most difficult moments, the players seemed to think back to the past, what made them start playing volleyball. They have not forgotten the roots of their passion: that it is a sport they love and it is fun.

Throughout the anime are volleyball-inspired stories, characters, through every event or anime we all receive valuable lessons that, even though Haikyuu has finished, the lessons. That still exists in us


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