[Haikyuu] Top 7 Best Moments In Haikyuu

Haikyuu is a volleyball manga/anime series that debuted in 2012. Over the years with various seasons, Haikyuu has captured the hearts of anime fans in general and the audience. fake love volleyball in particular.

Although it ended, Haikyuu always left memorable moments in the audience’s hearts. Let Haikyuu Store review those most memorable moments.

7. Asahi’s Comeback: Haikyuu Season 1 Ep 9

As its name suggests, this is Asahi’s moment of return. Asahi hadn’t played volleyball for so long, and gradually he lost some of his confidence. However, the stories motivated him to enjoy and make him feel like volleyball. And finally, in a three-on-three practice match, Asahi regained the position of Ace and became his team’s main attacker.

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Asahi throws a spear that pierces the wall of Kageyama, Tanaka, and Tsukishima. This exciting scene made Asahi regain her confidence. This moment brings us back to feel the joy we lost long ago. This is really a memorable moment.

6. Final Point Vs Date Tech: Haikyuu Season 1 Ep 18

Hinata’s match with Date Tech has come to an end. Karasuno did a great job of gaining some points that put them ahead of their opponents. However, the group is still at a disadvantage.

Winners and Losers (Episode) | Haikyū!! Wiki | Fandom

The next moment, Asahi did her best to score. They had to fight Date Tech’s Iron Wall, but Asahi was bigger than that. He actually tried to blow up the Iron Wall with all his might to get Karasuno the last point. With her best efforts and willpower, Asahi got that last point. If you try to take advantage of the opportunity with your best, the results will be as expected

5. Hinata Decoy for Asahi: Haikyuu Part 1 Episode 17

Facing the Iron Wall, Team Karasuno began to run out of options. Fortunately, Karasuno’s defense is being held on hold thanks to Daichi’s and Nishinoya’s great experience.

Haikyuu episode 17 review: ASAHI SAAAAAANNN!!!!! - YouTube

Date Tech’s agility and quick adaptability force Kageyama’s set-up to switch gears and tactics. In the end, Hinata coordinated with Kageyama and acted as bait. This opened up opportunities for Asahi to break through the defense of Dope Tech and score a beautiful point. This is the beginning of the nickname “Hinata’s Decoy King” a very memorable memory.

4. Nishinoya’s Double Save: Haikyuu Season 3 Ep 9

The final match of the Spring National Championship is on fire. Trying to prove himself to Shiratorizawa and the others, Karasuno is fighting with all they have. The fact that they go this far has proven their extremely worthy abilities.

In the middle of the battle, Shiratorizawa launched a ferocious attack that froze Daichi. However, Nishinoya saved in a split second. And just like that, Nishinoya managed to do something he couldn’t. A moment where Nishinoya’s fans will replay many times

3.Tsushikima’s Block Vs Ushijima: Haikyuu Season 3 Ep 4

Many people say Tsushikima is the most passive member of Karasuno when he always shows an attitude of not paying attention to volleyball as well as his team members. Tsushima always seems to have no interest in volleyball. However, in the third season of Haikyuu, he changed completely.

Haikyuu!! Season 3 Episode 4 - Tsukishima's block against Ushijima - YouTube

When facing Shiratorizawa, Tsushikima determined to block Ushijima’s strong blows. In a tense fight with a rare left-handed opponent, Tsushikima finally tasted the fruits of Volleyball by stopping Ushijima from scoring against Karasuno. The fighting spirit then burned fiercely in Tsushikima’s heart causing him to scream out loud. It was really a very emotional moment when one finds a common voice with volleyball

2. Final Score Vs Aoba Johsai: Haikyuu Part 2 Episode 24

Both teams tried their best to win, a tense match unfolded. Both teams showed high skill, however, only one team was the winner.
Karasuno indicated extraordinary collaboration and battling soul; The flares burst out successful over Aoba Johsai. As the ball moved from hand to hand and between two rival players, Tanaka saved the ball, and Asahi scored the last point for Karasuno.

Haikyuu!! Season 2 - 24 - Lost in Anime
The harmonious combination between the characters and belief that did not give up until the last minute created this unforgettable moment.

1. Final Score Vs Shiratorizawa: Haikyuu Part 3 Episode 10
Hinata in the air.

Deserved to be Haikyuu’s best moment.
Karasuno’s match with Shiratorizawa has reached the final chapter, the Spring Final has come to an end. Karasuno and Shiratorizawa were side by side side by side.

'Haikyuu!!' Season 3 Episode 5 And 6 Spoilers: Shiratorizawa Claims Third Set; Will Hinata Win Against Ushijima? | iTech Post

Karasuno’s players are all under tremendous pressure which literally pushes them down. They managed to catch the ball in a great way, using a team game where they all trusted each other so they all jumped to score the last point.

All the stories in Haikyuu give us a lot of different meanings. Every moment in Haikyuu is worth it. If you have time, don’t hesitate to watch those moments again!

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