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Top 7 Most Popular Haikyuu Posters You Don’t Want To Miss

Top 7 Most Popular Haikyuu Posters 

While it’s done, the Haikyuu volleyball manga/anime always leaves fans in an irreplaceable spot. In particular, with the explosion of the anime series, Haikyuu-inspired merchandise items were launched one after the other and gradually diversified.

The Haikyuu Store with several different anime product styles still catches the interest of Haikyuu fans. Among them, Haikyuu’s posters are the most famous for fans and non-fans because of its convenience. Posters are indispensable products for anime fans who want to show love for their favourite series. Join us for a list of 10 posters that an ardent anime fan can’t miss.

  • Haikyuu Poster – Karasuno vs Nekoma

Nekoma and Karasuno are said to be “destined rivals” because of their longtime competition.

Through many matches, the two teams formed an inseparable relationship between the team members

product image 1544296261 - Haikyuu Merch Store

  • Haikyuu Poster – Manga Poster

Haikyuu is known to be one of the best sports manga of all time. If you love the anime and haven’t read the manga yet, you should give it a watch now.

product image 1544296245 - Haikyuu Merch Store

  • Haikyuu Poster – Karasuno Fight

Karasuno is the “protagonist team” and it tends to be the most well-liked.

product image 1544296276 - Haikyuu Merch Store

  • Haikyuu Poster – Season 3

Since the anime is on the forth season, it is good to have a recall on season 3 by getting a Haikyuu’s Season 3 Poster.


Haikyuu Poster

  • Haikyuu Poster – Little Giant

product image 1544296260 - Haikyuu Merch Store

  • Haikyuu Poster – Kageyama and Hinata

KageHina is the arguably most popular ship of Haikyuu, being loved by fans since the beginning of the manga. Their friendship is beautiful and being developed everyday, which is so soft and adorable.

product image 1544296253 - Haikyuu Merch Store

  • Haikyuu Poster – Kenma and Kuroo

These two are a fairly popular pairing. They are childhood friends. And as Kuroo is one year older than Kenma, he is protective for Kenma.

product image 1544296265 - Haikyuu Merch Store

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