[Haikyuu] Top 10 Best Hoodies for Haikyuu Fans

Although it has ended,  Haikyuu volleyball manga/anime still leaves fans in an irreplaceable position. In particular, with the explosion of the anime series, Haikyuu-inspired merchandise products have been released one after another and increasingly diversified.

Haikyuu Store with many different anime product models always attracts the attention of Haikyuu fans. Among them, Haikyuu’s Hoodies are the most interested in by both fans and non-fans. Join us to list through 10 hoodies that an avid anime fan cannot lack.

Hinata Hoodie Merch – Hinata Shoyo.

In case you are looking for a Hoodies jacket that is inspired by the main character of the anime Hinata Shoyo, you definitely cannot miss this one.
Hoodie design in many different sizes, the highlight of this shirt is Hinata’s team uniform along with his shirt number.

hình ảnh sản phẩm 1627450097 - Haikyuu Merch Store

Hoodie Merch – Hinata Shoyo MSBY

Still, a shirt inspired by Hinata Shoyo – one of Haikyuu’s most beloved characters, but this time taking on a different model where black is the main color without a mix of one color. Any other color, this is the MSBY model in Haikyuu which is also very popular.

product image 1639793398 - Haikyuu Merch Store

Haikyuu Hoodie Merch – Goshiki Tsutomu.

A Hoodies shirt inspired by Hinata’s rival team uniform, white and purple with a texture that couldn’t be more perfect. For fans of Goshiki Tsutomu, these Hoodies cannot be missed. Behind the shirt was Goshiki Tssutomo’s Japanese name with the number 8 – his playing number.

product image 1629441023 - Haikyuu Merch Store

Haikyuu Hoodie – Haikyuu Anime-Inspired Hoodie Various Color.

A Hoodies in general as it is based on an imitation of this anime, even the main colors of black and orange are featured in combination.

2020 Japan Anime Haikyuu Cosplay Hoodie Women Men Harajuku Sweatshirt Karasuno High School Pullover Hooded Jacket - Haikyuu Merch Store

Behind the Hoodies is a picture of Hinata jumping and hitting the ball printed in black on an orange background, making viewers also understand that this is a simulation of volleyball. The sleeves Haikyuu are printed in orange, making the shirt even more attractive to fans. Beside, there are many color for fan to choose.

 Haikyuu Hoodie – Yū Nishinoya Number 4 Libero Orange Hoodie.

Team captain Nishinoya’s shirt, this shirt becomes an indispensable product for any fan of this anime. Still modeled after Yū Nishinoya’s uniform with the same number – 4 -, the shirt will make Nishinoya’s fans warmer both literally and figuratively.

Untitled design 1 - Haikyuu Merch Store

 Haikyuu Hoodie Merch – Kenma Kozume.

One of the shop’s most popular products is the Hoodies jersey, which is inspired by the Kenma Kozume uniform and number 5. With two main colors red and black, the shirt becomes really outstanding in the top 10 today. Besides, for ordinary non-fans, this beautiful Hoodies shirt is very attractive and cannot take your eyes off. The high-quality material makes the shirt always listed on many people’s favorites.

kenmakozumehoodie - Haikyuu Merch Store

Schweiden Adlers Hoodie Merch – Toshiro Heiwajima

In today’s top 10 list, of course, it is indispensable for the presence of this Schweiden Adlers Hoodie shirt. Using Toshiro Heiwwajima’s uniform to simulate, this hoodie does not have Toshiro’s number except the inscription MSBY that Haikyuu’s fans love. The shirt with a main yellow t-shirt with black print patterns and text.

product image 1639793399 - Haikyuu Merch Store

Hoodie Merch – Wakutani Minami High

It can be said that this is the most feminine Hoodies in the top 10 today. With pink and white as the main color, this product especially attracts female fans of the Haikyuu anime series.

wakutanihoodie - Haikyuu Merch Store

High quality, plump materials of various sizes are ready to serve, making the shirt even more indispensable in this anime fans’ autumn-winter wardrobe.

 Hoodie Merch – Sakunami Kosuke.

It can be said that in today’s top 10 list there are many main colors for fans to choose from. And this Hoodies is no exception. With its light green form, the shirt is a model of the Sakunami Kosuke jersey and the 13-digit jersey. His Japanese name is also printed in black on the shirt. This is truly an indispensable Hoodies for Haikyuu fans.

product image 1453684157 - Haikyuu Merch Store

Hoodie Merch – Atsumu Miya

The last shirt on today’s list is the one inspired by Atsumu Miya’s character. It is easy to see that this is a shirt for Atsumu Miya fan when it takes his game number and Japanese name printed in white on a black background, making the shirt stand out more. For the average non-fan, the shirt is also very attractive because of its black and white texture.

Above are the top 10 Hoodies that fans of Haikyuu anime want to own the most. If you are a huge fan of this sports anime, don’t hesitate to bring one of the above attractive Hoodies.

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